Monday, January 5, 2015

Day 4 of #30Shorts: Warnings Signs

My granddaughter Meghan is more frequently call “Todzilla”, although she is 8 years old, she is rather proud of that moniker. When she was born I predicted she was going to be trouble.
I have been present at each of my grandchildren’s birth and Meghan was the only baby I’ve seen literally pop out instead of ease out with each push. She was laid out in the bassinette and immediately started to look around as if she could actually see and was taking inventory of her surroundings. I looked at her and said, “OOOO, you are going to be TROUBLE.” With that the nurses all exclaimed, “ Oh, No. She’s so pretty.” and she was and still is, but I was spot on about the trouble part.
As Meghan learned the force of her voice and the control it had over her parents, I named her Todzilla. To say that her early years were trying is a huge understatement. Bedtime and nights are still a challenge, but somewhat more quiet as she leads her Mom though her nightly routine close to bedtime.
When Meghan is tired, she has hit a wall that makes everyone around her on edge and miserable. She has also come to understand the term, “she’s hit the wall” and true to her Todzilla way yells with clenched fists, “NO, I HAVEN’T! I am NOT tired! Stop SAYING that!”
With that she whines and complains that NOBODY knows when SHE is tired, but we have had 8 years to learn the warning signs.
First her right eye begins to slightly droop, more like a half-lidded droop, a sign that her ever-ready brain is getting ready to shut down. She insists it is time for her night time snack and then deliberates for twenty minutes to make a choice.
Then she asks me for a foot rub, which I give her. The first time I rubbed her feet, she immediately relaxed and claimed it was “the best thing EVER!”
After the foot rub she has stalled for ten more minutes. When done with me she moves on to PopPop for a five minute snuggle.
After that, she summons her mother, “Mommy, it’s time for me to go to beeeddd. Let’s go!” and she does.

Todzilla Meghan has successfully managed the evening and we have successfully navigated the warning signs.


  1. We grannies are so much better at recognizing brilliance when we see it