Saturday, July 4, 2015

Independence Day and 30 Days of Yoga

Happy Independence Day! It is the 4th of July and I have just completed 30 days of Yoga With Adriene, a routine that I stumbled upon while surfing the internet. 

Pigeon pose

Yoga is not new to me, I’ve practiced it since my early teens and was actually quite good at it,  like some of the hip opening poses, like Pigeon pose, one my favorites for a really great stretch in places that are often folded up all day.

This is something I really enjoyed. Although I am a large woman, lack of flexibility was never an issue. And for me, Yoga feels good.
Once an acquaintance said in disdain, “YOGA! That’s not real exercise, no pain, no gain.”
My mantra is slow movement is better than no movement, and if it hurts to do it, don’t do it! And that is exactly what my Orthopedist says, too. I have lousy knees.

The daily yoga routine has fell to the wayside over the last couple years, for a variety of reasons, none of which I can recall with certainty or good conscience.
Even my family stopped asking why I stopped doing yoga. 

Cow Face Pose
It is energizing exercise, I feel refreshed and loosened up when I finish. My 60 year old joints don’t hurt so much and my brain is definitely less foggy, or at least I believe that things are clearer for the day ahead.

Today I finish the commitment to myself to complete these 30 days of Yoga. It wasn’t always flowing and pretty, but I did it and acknowledge the benefits I noticed incrementally over these last couple weeks in regaining flexibility. I’m not ready for the Cow pose, but I am confident I’m on my way. I've done it and will do it again.

Today, I salute myself. I bow to the light in me. Yoga is back to my daily routine.
Enjoy this Independence Day and do what feels good.