Sunday, August 16, 2015

Prime Stache

My husband and I found ourselves with some unexpected‘day date’ time on Thursday.  “Let’s get some lunch. I want you to try the food at Prime Stache,” he said.

Recently, his workplace held a celebratory employee luncheon with a Food Truck theme. Food Trucks in a suburban office setting are a rare treat.  

Their first selection was hoped to be a local would-be celebrity Food Network’s Food Truck Race runner-up, but they were unresponsive and as fortune would have it, Prime Stache promptly stepped in and put on a luncheon beyond expectations, so much so that I have been hearing from the Hubby for the last 3 weeks how great the food was. Who was I to pass up a Day-Date lunch in Olde City?
Except for the huge mustache hanging straight over the sidewalk I would have  walked right by the place.

Although it was noon and it felt as though we were walking into a dark Saloon that had just unlocked  it’s doors. The interior is dimly lit and comfortably rustic with lots of rough hewn dark wood and exposed brick.

We ordered the Chili Cheese Fries for an appetizer, along with a delicious IPA, Lancaster Hop Hog, suggested by Staches’s mixology guru , Sean Glines. This beer was a malty and hoppy blend complementing my meal nicely.

The fries were a toasty brown, thin cut with skin on, but not overdone. They are half baked and then fried, so there was the potatoey feel that I personally appreciate in good French Fries. The plate was presented with the fries sitting on a base of melted white cheese sauce, not provolone and not cheddar, so the blend was just right, mild by not bland. Topped with the Chili that was not too saucy, and more cheese drizzled over it and with a side of sliced pickled jalapeno peppers.

There was a lot of cheese on that plate, but we soon sopped it up with the fries that came with our sandwiches. Mine was the Salmon Burger, Hubby’s was the Cheesesteak wrap. The salmon burger was good, chunks of salmon mixed with egg and a little bit  of bread crumbs, but the spring mix and feta with an herby aioli was really the better part of this sandwich served on a brioche roll. The cheese steak wrap was apparently a Food Truck only menu item, but they graciously made one for the Hubby. It was a lot of Prime Rib thinly sliced and packed into a flour tortilla with a rough cut slaw. The portion was enormous, enough for two meals.

You can find plenty of positive reviews and info on thisfine establishment on the web. Check it out!

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