Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Few Will Totally Understand, A Poem, Girls Will Be Girls, Always, Staunch Hearts Forever True

Back in 1972 as we exited LF's doors
Little did we know what life had in store
The universe is sly and fickle
And Life can be sweet as much as a sour pickle

 But time and technology brought us all back together
We all had our share of rotten stormy weather
Like the ebb and flow of the ocean
We’ve returned to our teenage connection

Benchmark birthdays brought on a thought
To gather together and Bern’s plans were brought
It would be a long weekend, so we wouldn’t be rushed
What happens at girls’ weekend is always hush hush

Until we hang our bras by the fire
And post it to the internet wire

We’re wiser, for the most part
And wider,  like Rubenesque art
We're also funny and smart
That why we like to hang our bras from the hearth

Just look at these beauties
They’re clean, there’s no cooties
Our taste is displayed by smart choices in colors
Little Flower sure taught us how to be fashion scholars

Comments soon came accusing of being in “our cups”
But the truth is that we hung up our cups
Be they C cups or D cups and maybe an E
We hung up those cups to be hanging free

The ta-ta’s needed air and we likely obliged
And then all of a sudden some bloomers arrived

No person was tagged
To claim who was the hag
To wear those big girl panties
Worn only by old aunties.

I envy missing out of this year’s warm camaraderie

We are bound together with no snooty snobbery
The time has come to end this rhyme
I’ll not book a wedding for next year’s good time!

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  1. I'm still catching up but this is adorable! Hooray for old friends and reunions!