Saturday, October 1, 2016

Bra’s by the Fireplace III: An Ode to us Girls

Celebrating Just being Girls.

We were young girls together more than four decades ago
Connected again when Elisa invited to dinner someone she thought she didn’t know!

To memorialize and revel in our aging gracefully
We chose to celebrate what we thought to be tastefully.

Our social director Bernadette made the plans and informed us
A mountain chalet reserved for the holiday of Columbus.

Accommodations were perfect for the weekend ahead
Except for the staircase which Rose had to tread.

Since we now move through life at a much slower clip
Rosie’s trek up those steps is fine as long as she won’t trip.

As we chat and talk over each other we find
Our lives have had substance that as kids we couldn’t define.

Now we are grownup, or at least claim to be
We plan social dates that often end in giggle fests of panties peed.

So often it’s silly simple things that cheerfully inspire
And that is how we named this weekend, “Bras by the Fire###”.

Once we settled in for the weekend we noticed the mantle had bottles of wine
Set along the chimney wall lined up in a straight line.

Who knows how the idea came to fruition
But the bras hanging from wine bottles is now a tradition.

Our brassiere styles in taste may change as we get older
But the fact still remains they are over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders.

So at least annually we gather to blather
But most important of all we check in on each other.

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